Hair Designer/Salon Owner

photo of Joe Goodrich, Hair Designer/Salon Owner Joe Goodrich
2140 Central Avenue
St Petersburg, FL, 33712 USA
Call or Text 727-384-6600

Joe is an amazing artist with hair. He looks at each individual with a new set of eyes every time he sees them. Joe will individualize your look and create something very specific just for you. He is famous for leaving his signature with a cool piece in the haircut or a highlight of color to make the design unique to you. Joe is an at-home chef whose description of hair color is food-inspired from peanut butter to popcorn and everything in between. He is able to describe his vision to his Guest in a way that makes them understand exactly what he is thinking. This abstract approach is one of the many things that will make your experience with Joe one-of-a-kind. Joe will build a relationship and re-consult with you each and every time you come to the salon. One thing is for sure…you will never be bored…Joe loves change…even a small one. He spends as much time on his male clients to give them a style to make them look and feel confident and strong. He is an expert when it comes to camoflaging some of the gray on guys to knock a few years off them. Some of Joe’s work has been published in the internationally distributed Passion hair book. Joe has over 17 years experience and has had extensive training from Las Vegas to New York City by many of the top designers in the hair industry. He has been to the Redken Exchange NYC, an exclusive learning facility, countless times engaging in learning advanced skills and techniques with regard to haircutting and hair color. Joe is always on trend and often creating new ones when he is inspired. Looking for a unique and dedicated hair designer? Look no further.