Salon Director

photo of Cindy Moore, Salon Director Cindy Moore
2140 Central Avenue
St Petersburg, FL, 33712 USA
Call or Text 727-384-6600

If you have ever called our salon the probability is high you have spoken to Cindy. Her background includes thirteen years in management and merchandising with Victoria’s Secret. Cindy genuinely cares about the Euphoria Guest and goes out of her way to build a relationship with each and every one of them. It is her personal goal to make sure each Guest feels like the most important person in the world and will work diligently to accommodate their needs and schedule. She is an integral part of our salon in training and goal setting with each employee as well as about a million other things that get thrown her way on a daily basis. Cindy always has a smile and bubbly “hello” for every person walking through our door from the Euphoria Guest to the Mailman. She is constantly researching ways to heighten the Guest experience and give our salon the point of difference we all strive for. Cindy is truly the heart of the salon and will become your personal concierge when you meet her.