Staff Bios

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  • Desiree Christiano, Hair DesignerDesiree Christiano - Hair Designer

    Desiree is a natural born hairdresser who knew from a very young age that she was made for the... (read more)

  • Joe Goodrich, Hair Designer/Salon OwnerJoe Goodrich - Hair Designer/Salon Owner

    Joe is an amazing artist with hair. He looks at each individual with a new set of eyes every time... (read more)

  • Tonya Goodrich, Hair Designer/Salon OwnerTonya Goodrich - Hair Designer/Salon Owner

    Tonya has been doing hair all of her life including cutting all the hair on her dolls when she was... (read more)

  • Devin Fett, Hair Designer/Lead Design EducatorDevin Fett - Hair Designer/Lead Design Educator

    Devin’s specialty is precision cutting and color placement to bring out the best features of... (read more)

  • Aimee Johns, Hair DesignerAimee Johns - Hair Designer

    *Currently on Maternity Leave* Aimee is a Hair Designer at our salon.

  • Aurora Haynes, Hair Designer/Makeup ArtistAurora Haynes - Hair Designer/Makeup Artist

    Aurora didn’t choose her chose her when she gave herself an asymmetrical haircut... (read more)

  • Caitlin Caswell, Hair DesignerCaitlin Caswell - Hair Designer

    If you want to feel pampered on each and every visit, you need to be in Caitlin’s chair. From... (read more)

  • Charlotte Mosher, Hair Designer/Makeup ArtistCharlotte Mosher - Hair Designer/Makeup Artist

    Charlotte is our resident Hip Chick whose creative outlook on hair color and cutting makes each... (read more)

  • Gabby Yopp, Hair DesignerGabby Yopp - Hair Designer

    Gabby is a natural-born hairdresser whose family owned a makeup studio..she knew she was destined... (read more)

  • Kristen Ciofu, Hair Designer/Makeup ArtistKristen Ciofu - Hair Designer/Makeup Artist

    Kristen has extensive experience in the beauty industry that includes freelance in salon and the... (read more)

  • Sheryl Pottinger, Hair DesignerSheryl Pottinger - Hair Designer

    Sheryl is a Hair Designer at our salon.

  • Taylor Cambal, Hair DesignerTaylor Cambal - Hair Designer

    Taylor has wanted to be a hairdresser since the tender age of 5. Her passion for this business has... (read more)

  • Vannary Pen, Hair DesignerVannary Pen - Hair Designer

    Vannary has a love for customizing an individual look for each Guest.  Her favorite color... (read more)

  • Haley Williams, Associate Hair DesignerHaley Williams - Associate Hair Designer

    Haley loves making each Guest look and feel their best! Haley is an expert at designing a look to... (read more)

  • Maricruz Ortega, Hair DesignerMaricruz Ortega - Hair Designer

    Maricruz is a Hair Designer at our salon.

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