Hands and Feet

Awaken your senses with our unique botanical manicures and pedicures personalized for you. Our line of aromatherapy products allow custom creation of masques, gel scrubs, scented lotions and massage oils to make your experience pleasing to your senses. Our scrubs will exfoliate dead skin cells for a silky-smooth result. The masques will nourish and soothe while removing impurities and regenerating your skin. You choose your oils and herbs to create your perfect herbal blend with added aromatherapy benefits. We also have unscented available as well.


Euphoria Express Treatment       
Includes shaping, soak, cuticle care, light massage and polish    
Manicure 22    Pedicure 35    Combined 55    
Euphoria Classic Treatment    
Includes shaping, soak, cuticle care, scrub, callus treatment, massage, and polish    
Manicure 27    Pedicure 40    Combined 65    
Euphoria Signature Treatment    
Includes shaping, soak, cuticle care, scrub, callus treatment, masque, massage,
and polish
Manicure 32    Pedicure 45    Combined 75
Euphoria Ultimate Treatment
Includes shaping, soak, cuticle care, scrub, callus treatment, masque, massage,
Perfect Sense Personal Paraffin treatment, and polish
Manicure 42    Pedicure 61    Combined 98


The Euphoria Shellac Manicure
This signature manicure is topped off with Shellac Power Polish. Shellac has a
high gloss shine and extended 14 day wear with zero dry time and no nail damage.
from 34
The Euphoria Shellac Pedicure
This signature pedicure includes Shellac Power Polish to keep your feet looking
their best and with zero dry time you can immediately put on your shoes or even
crawl into bed without ruining your fresh long lasting pedicure.
from 47


Hot Stone Therapy....10    
The penetrating heat of smooth, river-worn stones
loosens muscles and relieves tension.
Perfect Sense Infusions Thermal Therapy    
This luxurious treatment surrounds your hands and feet in your own personal
paraffin-filled glove locking in the skin’s natural moisture and relaxing tired muscles
and joints with a deep, soothing heat while simultaneously delivering an aromatherapy
treatment sure to please your senses.
20 Hands or Feet/35 Combination    
More Massage Please….    
10 minutes…..10    15 minutes…..15    20 minutes…..20    
Shellac Power Polish added to any Nail Treatment....12    
Shellac Removal....5    
Polish Change…Hands....10    
French Polish on hands or feet....5    
Hand Painted Nail Art....from 5